Gather thousands of perseverance, to create the most valuable fund for investors

CQY Capital is a private equity fund management company. The founding partners of CQY are from real estate, medical care and construction, and two founding partners are the directors and actual controllers of A-share listed companies, including the chairman of Yuyue Medical Group and the director of Gold Mantis Group.

CQY Capital is mainly engaged in private equity business, with 5 billion yuan management scale. Investment areas include health care, TMT and fintech.

CQY Capital is established in August 2016, Since its establishment, the enterprises more than a dozen, in the field of health care, the company has invested in minimally invasive group holdings of intervention and medical equipment research and development with manufacturers of minimally invasive heart communication, China's largest prenatal screening neonatal screening for product and service providers Wan Liyun holy biological, medical imaging technology platform, the world's leading allergen detection instrument company Hycor Biomedical bo di projects such as biology, innovative medicine field.

CQY Capital's core principle is to create the most valuable fund for investors, being a new rising star in Chinese financial industry.